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オススメのアニメanime ブログ一覧

I’m a 36-year-old man, and it was an interesting work while watching various animations. If you have an anime that interests you, please watch it ♪

バジリスク 〜甲賀忍法帖〜

The Koga Ninja and Iga Ninja clan are both ninja groups led by Hattori Hanzo, but they have also been hateful enemies for hundreds of years since the days of Genpei. Under Hattori’s control, peace was barely maintained due to the prohibition of the struggle between the two gates. Under such circumstances, Koga-gumi’s chief Kouga Danjo’s son Gennosuke and Iga-gumi’s head phantom granddaughter Oboro are in love, and it seemed that the long-standing feud between Koga and Iga could be resolved if the relationship between the two families was completed. ..
Whether or not he knew such a situation, the mission given to Koga and Iga’s ninja by Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hanzo (2nd generation) who called the two chiefs to Sunpu Castle at the end of April 19th was truly horrifying. Ieyasu, who was worried about choosing his successor to become the third shogun of Tokugawa, accepted Tenkai’s proposal and decided to decide on the choice based on the ninpo battle between Koga and Iga.


A suspicious letter arrives to Jun Sakurada, a junior high school boy who spends his days withdrawal. When asked “Do you want to fire or not?”, Jun chooses “Maki” with a light feeling.
Then, the next day, a heavy leather bag arrives. When I opened the bag, I found an antique doll (girl doll) that was elaborately made as if it were alive. When the screw is wound, the doll wakes up and begins to speak, and she calls herself “Rozen Maiden 5th Doll Shinku”. A ring appears on Jun’s finger, which is a proof that she signed a contract with Shinku and became her servant master. Then, after being attacked by the 1st Doll Mercury Lamp, Jun learns about Alice Game from Shinku …


Daiki Oki, a high school student, was trying to confess his feelings to Ogawa Mori, who had been thinking about it for a long time. Upon hearing the declaration, his childhood friend Senku Ishigami gave him heartfelt encouragement, and Taiki summoned Mori in front of the camphor tree at school to face her confession. However, in that moment, the sky suddenly glows brightly, and all human beings on the earth are attacked by a mysterious phenomenon of petrification all at once.
Taiki, who has lost his five senses and cannot move, recovers from petrification after enduring many years with only “feelings for the moat”, but in front of him, the trees are overgrown and the weathered scenery is spreading. Taiki reunites with Senku, who had awakened after the petrification had melted a little earlier, and the current situation that this world has passed from his time for about 3700 years, and the world where humanity has disappeared and died on his own. He is told that he is determined to rebuild the civilization.


A world where rainfall is decreasing and rainfall continues to decrease. Nike Rumercie, the fourth princess of the “Principality of Rain” who has the ability to make it rain, loses in rock-paper-scissors and is reluctant to marry her country, the Sun King Rivius I of the “Great Land of Sunny”. What’s more, she heard that she had conquered the world three years after she was crowned, but she was still a child. Furthermore, because she is bored, Nike is asked to rain and repels. However, together with her, overcoming her crisis and deepening her trust, Nike decides to stay by Livi (Rivius) at her own will. Nike and Livi walk together while loving and supporting each other. Eventually, the two became official fiancés and the wheel of fortune began to turn. While living in her great power, Nike learns about her secrets of her secrets, the current state of light rain in the world, and the darkness of Livi, and she is also involved in the world situation. go.